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Hello all avid readers,

I've had lots of orders this month, so far, which has been great, thank you to everyone who has ordered. There are now a few changes as I have run out of some fabrics which are no longer available - M&Ms and Cartoon Characters are now out of stock
Helen, who does the website, is not available at the moment so I've decided to photo some  of the new fabrics and then you could order them if you so wished, they will go on the website when Helen is available.
If you want to order any of the fabrics below for your headset covers let me know...

Left to Right
Yachts, Butterflies, Pale Pink Hearts, Footballs, Planets

Left- Right
Superman, Climbing Superman Marvel Heroes

Small Cartoon Characters, Big M&Ms, Elephants, Large colourful stripes

Saltire, Galaxy Spacemen, Colourful Jets, DC3

Happy New Year 

Thanks to the people who started the New Year by ordering headset covers.

Up to the end of December 2019 I have made 864 pairs of headset covers, something I'm proud of doing. I would like to reach 1,000 pairs by the end of this year if possible. I suppose that is my New Years Resolution although I don't normally make New Year resolutions.

Sadly two of the fabric companies I use for fabric have closed down since my last blog - a sad sign of the times. There are still plenty of places which sell fabrics and don't forget you can use your own choice of fabric for headset covers if you so wish.

My thanks to Helen who has been working on the website over the Christmas break. 

Thank you to anyone who has ordered headset covers in November and December, a large number of people maybe going to receive headset covers at Christmas.

I've been re-stocking a lot of material recently which is great. I've also tidied the fabric store (alphabetically!) and am still waiting for about 10 fabrics to be put on the website. I'm really grateful  that we put heating into the outside office as it is more comfortable in the winter to work out there. 

Many thanks to people who have said nice things after receiving their headset covers, here's a few from this year:

 The covers have arrived and they're great, they'll make a perfect stocking filler! MR

We have received your headset covers and are very happy with the quality of them. Thank you very much! Kind Regards. BT

Headset covers received today, thank you so much for the quick turn around and I pass on thanks from everyone on the course who placed an order. GB

They are great thank you and I’d expect a few more orders as quite a few people at work were asking where I got them. I took your card in and pinned it on the notice board. Kind regards JR
Headset covers arrived safe and sound. thank you, they look really good, i'll take them to work with me tonight :) WW

😊 thanks. 
Love  that you give to Help For Heroes, we buy most of our clothing from them. Many thanks KB

Hopefully the website will be updated before the end of the year.

Happy Christmas to all!
I often leave a long gap between posts but have now decided to try to post once a month - we'll see how it goes. 

Many thanks to people who have ordered recently particularly those from - RAF Scampton, RAF Shawbury, RAF Brize Norton.  

When I'm not making headset covers I'm with my family, friends and enjoying my hobbies. I've recently spent hours working at some free machining embroidery and then using some water soluble fabric - great fun.  I'll try and enclose photos of my efforts at a later date.

November makes me remember people I have lost over the years.  I am grateful for the sacrifices others have made so that we can live in a free country; many take this for granted but I don't think we should and that is why I am very happy to support Help for Heroes.
I'm enclosing a copy of the reply from Help for Heroes for the cheque I sent recently (see previous post.


I realise that I haven't posted anything lately, it's been one of those summers... Now the Village Fete is over for another year and the exhibition of sewing I do is also over,  I can relax and get back to gardening and blogging as well as making headset covers.

So far this year things have gone really well. I'm enclosing a letter I sent to HfH  along with a cheque for £400 which has been raised since January. I know it sounds small but it does represent quite a few headset covers. Thank you to everyone who has bought a headset cover since I started in 2013, the total raised by the headset covers so far is £2400.

1st August 2019
Dear Friends,

I have great pleasure in enclosing a cheque for £400.00 from the sales of headset covers, for air traffic controllers throughout the country, since January this year.  making this an overall total of  £2,400. The headsets are made to the fabric required by the client. the client can choose whatever fabric they require. 

I have now been doing this for 6 years and I have enjoyed raising some money for the HfH charity.
As always I am grateful to my eldest daughter who set up the website and keeps it up to date; my husband who photographs materials  and who came up with the idea of this project. 
Everyone who has purchased a headset cover or has contributed is aware of the work your charity does and also how vital it is to support ex-servicemen & women. I hope to be sending you another cheque towards the end of the year.
Kind Regards, Moira Williamson
As well as sewing (the 3D model of my house was really hard, I think builders could have built the house again in the time it took), I've been learning botanical painting which I found thoroughly enjoyable. I am looking forward to finding more fabrics and receiving more orders - well, Christmas is coming and the headset covers make a good small present or secret Santa. 

Don't forget to look at the map to see where the headset covers have been sent to.

Best Wishes,

This month is the anniversary of the beginning of Headsets for Heroes!

Yes, I began this project six years ago and I never thought that it would be as popular as it is. I would like to thank everyone who has bought a set of headset covers or headset topper from me and also those who are considering to do so. The money has gone to Help for Heroes for them to help many service men and women in need.

My thanks also go to my family who have helped the project to succeed. My husband Bruce (who had the idea) who photographs the fabrics; my eldest daughter Helen who made and updates the website inspite of having a full time job and finally my youngest daughter, Emma, who gives me marketing advice.

My workspace at home has been transformed by a summerhouse in the garden where I can escape with my fabrics, sewing machine and my faithful dog, Ruby. This space gives me time to reflect how lucky I am and how grateful I am to others who allow our country to prosper in peace.

The most popular fabrics ordered so far include Union Jacks 1&2, Star Wars 1&2, navy dots and people's own material. Sadly there are some materials which have not been ordered as yet. 

Please also remember that if you send me photos of you and your colleagues wearing your headset covers I can include the photos on the website.