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Thank you to all of those of you who have ordered covers so far this year, January  and February were busy months. 

Why do I ask which type of headset you use? I have two patterns which I have made, one for Airlite headsets and one for Sennheiser. They are different sizes to reflect the size of each headset. 

I am hoping to upload some more fabrics to the site soon but please ask if there is a fabric you would like but is not on the website.

Best wishes,


 Hi, Happy New Year to you all.

The great covers SALE!

I have decided to sell the covers I have in stock in a January sale; this is because I am trying to sort out my office workspace and have discovered some covers made and then never sold. So, instead of £5 for Airlite covers  I will be selling  ready made covers for  £4 a pair. 

This will only last for January. Below is a list of covers and fabric available:-

Airlite- (2 sides elastic)

black & white stripes            black                             stuart tartan

military men on black           stuart tartan                   black

yachts                                thin multi stripes             blue sharks                         

blue, red and black separate colours                          yachts

I will also take orders for covers at the usual price whilst the sale is on.

Thank you all for your support and keep telling people about the headset covers.



Thank you to everyone who has ordered covers early for Christmas. It has certainly given me time to make Christmas cakes etc during December. 

I hope you all have a good Christmas and I wish you all a Very Happy New Year.

Best Wishes,



I've managed to learn how to put organise all of the fabrics on the website so they should now be more up to date. The next lesson is how to put new fabrics onto the website. The orders in September and October were refreshing as the covers have proven to be popular.

I'm still finding some fabrics difficult to source and I now try not to buy from overseas as the cost of importation is high.

I've just sent £400 to HfH which represents the covers sold this year. This brings the total of money raised by the project to £5,000. I am grateful to all who have supported the project so far and I hope that people will continue to support HfH.

If you are ordering Christmas patterned covers please do so as early as possible.

These are the airports and units I have made covers for - so far

Bath                        Benbecula             Birmingham Airport                Boulmer

Boscombe Down       Bristol Airport        Brighton City Airport              Brize Norton

Cheltenham              Edinburgh             Elgin                                    Exeter Airport        

Gibraltar Airport        High Wycombe      HMS Collingwood                  Isle of Lewis 

Leeds/Bradford         Liverpool Airport    Lossiemouth                         Macclesfield    

Madrid Airport           Manchester           NATS Swanwick                    North Uist

Scampton                 Shawbury             Shobdon                              Waddington     



Thank you all once again.



At present we are updating the website. You can still order covers whilst this is happening. 

You can contact me via headsetcovers@gmail.com

Back in September


I always thought I would stop making headset covers after 10 years however, I find myself with lots of fabric and the patterns for the covers and have also thought how lucky I am and so I have decided to continue to make the covers for the foreseeable future. The orders have always been rather famine and feast - that is, there are no orders or there are lots of orders. Somehow they all get made. I am only too pleased to send the money to Help for Heroes as I feel we are lucky to have servicemen and women who will put themselves in harms way. They deserve far better rewards and respect than we give them.

Keep watching this blog for updates on fabrics etc as Helen is rather busy at present, and I don't use the program she has written the website up in.

What am I sewing at present - a gardening hat! Lots of hand embroidery and imagination. Will I wear it when it's finished mmmm probably not. 

Fabric Update   -  All out of stock


Red Flowers

Mini Marvels


Big sharks

Small white dots on red

Small heroes in stock - this is the nearest to mini marvels I can source.

Last month was quite busy, which is excellent, and I have been sorting out materials in stock.

At present the following fabrics are

Out of stock

Big Sharks                Cows                    DC3            Happy Toucans

Merry Xmas              Mini Marvels          Sweets        Red Flowers

Spacecraft                Super Heroes        Red & White Stripes

In stock

Small Heroes - see last month for photo

Red  'Stuart' Tartan - on website

Please keep looking here for stock levels of fabrics. The website will be updated soon,

I have been making headset covers for 10 years now and have enjoyed it. I am glad that the money we have raised together has been used to help service personnel.

Thank you to everyone who has ordered covers recently.
Regards, Moira