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I've been very lazy and not written on this blog for a long time for which I apologise. However, I have still been making headset covers. I sent £400 to HfH at the beginning of the year, many thanks to everyone who has bought headset covers over the last 12 months. 

Thank you to the air traffickers on an aircraft carrier who recently ordered headset covers. I hope that your next deployment goes well and your headset covers cheer up your work time.

Lots of people have asked if they could have covers made from football club fabric. This has always been very difficult to source however, someone found company which has some fabric, if you support a football club it is always worth asking. I will always aim to find a fabric people want if I haven't already got it in stock.

Sadly with the proposed Royal Mail increase of postage this will impact on the p&p costs. I will check out the cost of postage this week.

Best wishes to everyone. Kind Regards


It is now 8 years since I began this project. Each year has brought different challenges and the project has kept on evolving.  The last 18 months have been incredibly busy and I would like, once again, to thank everyone who has supported the project and therefore supported Help for Heroes by either purchasing headset covers or masks.

I have been looking for ways of using the scraps left from fabrics used. So far I've made a lap quilt and a Christmas stocking. I'm not sure what will be next...

My fabric stash is now tidy in the office, thanks to a bookcase which I had spare. I can now see fabric at a glance. 

Sadly August began sadly with the death of Ruby my faithful Labrador who would sit and watch me work on headset covers. She was so patient and kind and a loyal dog. We now have Meg who is Bruces' dog, she is still learning that the office is not a place to rummage!

Thanks again go to Helen who in spite of working full time has found time to update the website.

I have only just realised that I hadn't written anything on the blog for over 2 months! oops I'm sorry but I have been busy doing other things.

Having had a spring clean in my office I feel that my sewing might improve (some hope!); the office along with the garden and greenhouse and my shed are now ready for spring. At present the garden is full of daffodils, primroses and tulips and Ruby (my dog) sitting in the sunshine.

The fabrics for HfH are now more easily displayed, there are still more fabrics to go onto the website, thank you to HM for the request of a hedgehog fabric which is now ready to go online. Thank you to everyone who have ordered headset covers or masks during the last year I know that HfH are grateful for the monies received. Also a huge thank you to HW who whilst beginning a new job has found time to do various website jobs for me.

To those Air Traffic Controllers who use Sennheiser headsets I can make a cover for these thanks to a very patient ATC who sent me measurements and tried some out.

Take care and enjoy the sunshine. Moira


 As we near the end of January I am spending wet and cold days ordering more fabric. I have had some suggestions from people who have bought headset covers for themselves or friends. So take a look at the latest fabrics on the website. Thanks to H for sorting out the website and adding the fabrics I recently purchased.

The following is a reply from H4H: Thank you to everyone who contributed. Moira


Happy New Year to all readers:)  

Here is a copy of the letter I sent to Help for Heroes in December.

I am happy to say that to date I have sent £3,900.00 to Help for Heroes since 2013.

Help for Heroes

14 Parkers Close

Downton Business Centre



SP5 3RB 30th December 2020

Dear Friends,

Headsets Covers (18)


Reference: GEN01764224

I am delighted to enclose a cheque for £500.00 from the sale of headset covers and face masks since September 2020. I realise that as a charity this year has been difficult for you to raise money due to the pandemic however, for headsetsforheroes it has been a phenomenal year. I’m really pleased that people have been in touch to order products.

From the Isle of Uist to Gibraltar both RAF and civilian personnel have been ordering headset covers. Many others have ordered face masks, which have become part of our everyday wear; thanks to all who have ordered these. All money raised comes to you to help your charity.

I shall continue this endeavour for the foreseeable future and have some new products for next year. 

Please send an email or letter to acknowledge receipt of the cheque.

Merry Christmas to all at Help for Heroes and A Happy New Year.

Yours sincerely,

Moira Williamson

Enc: Cheque, Donation form,

Although 2020 was a difficult year because of the pandemic it was the busiest year since I started in 2013. This is great because it meant that I could send more money to Help for Heroes for the fantastic work they do for our servicemen and women. 

I would like, once again, to thank everyone who has bought headset covers or face masks during the year. Orders have come from far and wide including North Uist, Gibraltar, Lincoln, Luton, Somerset, Shropshire, Manchester, Liverpool and many other airports and RAF stations also a restaurant close to where I live who ordered face masks for their staff, and also friends and neighbours who have ordered face masks.  This year I have sent £1,400 to Help for Heroes as a result of the sales of headset covers  and masks. 

Wishing you a Happy New Year.

October 2020 has been my busiest month since I began headsetsforheroes. I've made 61 headsets and 5 masks this month bringing my overall total to 1015 sets of covers and 47 masks.

Thank you so much to everyone who has purchased either a headset or mask especially this month you have definitely made a difference. The fabric stash has had to be replenished  and I've had to get over my dislike of making  cover design  2.  I am not happy with the design of these as yet (many thanks to those who sent a 'white old style' cover) I wish that I could say it's helped but it hasn't.

Ruby, my dog is recovering from a mini stroke which she had at the beginning of the month and has been in the office with me when I've been out in the garden. She is good company and is making some progress now.

The Christmas fabric is flying out of the door. I know what a friends' family are having this Christmas as Santa presents... MASKS! shhh don't tell them.

I will be sending more money to HfH before Christmas as I feel that all charities need money during this difficult time.  

Signing off to go and feed the Christmas cake! M