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October 2020 has been my busiest month since I began headsetsforheroes. I've made 61 headsets and 5 masks this month bringing my overall total to 1015 sets of covers and 47 masks.

Thank you so much to everyone who has purchased either a headset or mask especially this month you have definitely made a difference. The fabric stash has had to be replenished  and I've had to get over my dislike of making  cover design  2.  I am not happy with the design of these as yet (many thanks to those who sent a 'white old style' cover) I wish that I could say it's helped but it hasn't.

Ruby, my dog is recovering from a mini stroke which she had at the beginning of the month and has been in the office with me when I've been out in the garden. She is good company and is making some progress now.

The Christmas fabric is flying out of the door. I know what a friends' family are having this Christmas as Santa presents... MASKS! shhh don't tell them.

I will be sending more money to HfH before Christmas as I feel that all charities need money during this difficult time.  

Signing off to go and feed the Christmas cake! M

     October    2020               

This is the reply from HfH after our recent donation. I am pleased to say that so far this year I have sent £900 to HfH, thank you to everyone who has supported the project so far this year.


 I'm sitting in the kitchen by the range, with Ruby my dog, as there's a chill in the air this week so we are both keeping warm.

I've just sent £500.00 to HfH, that's an amazing £900.00 this year so far! 

Thank you to everyone who has bought headset covers or masks this year. The charity, like most charities in the UK, are having a hard time at present as most of their fundraising has been curtailed due to the Corona pandemic so thank you again.

Here's the letter I sent to HfH. Have a great week.M

Help for Heroes

14 Parkers Close

Downton Business Centre



SP5 3RB 29th September 2020

Dear Friends,

Headsets Covers (17)


Once again the sewing machine and I have been busy as orders for headset covers and face masks have been rolling in. So far this year I have made and sold more products than last year which, is particularly pleasing.

This year the orders have only come from the British Isles, no overseas orders as yet, but there have been many orders from both civilian and military units.

I have enclosed a cheque for £500.00 and hope this will prove useful to Help for Heroes especially in these difficult times for your charity.

Please would you send either a letter or email for me to record the receipt of this letter?

Yours sincerely,

I'm writing this sitting in the garden in the shade on a very warm September day.
This year so far has been busy regarding the headset covers and I am nearing my 1000 item being made! Far more than I thought would be made when I started.

As well as making headset covers and top covers I've  begun to make face masks as friends thought it would be a good way to support Help for Heroes (HfH). On my 3rd pattern now and I think I've got the right shape. These sell for  £5 with the money going to HfH. Why not have a mask and headset covers from the same fabric maybe also a small bag to keep them in...

Earlier in the year fabric was hard to purchase but now fabrics are plentiful online.
Christmas patterns are in stock (although these have not been over popular with headset covers). With masks being worn more frequently maybe people will want to compliment their Christmas jumper outfit with a Christmas themed mask? Just a thought.🎅

Thank you to everyone who has bought a set of headset covers, a top cover or a mask to help to support HfH who do such a fantastic job of looking after injured service personnel.

Normally I make up to 30 items in a month - I know it's not many items but in fairness I am retired. In July I made 46 items, it was a mix of face masks and headset covers and an excellent way of coping with being shielded and unable to go out! The peace of the garden was only shattered by my machining. I am very grateful to everyone who ordered either headset covers or masks last month. 

I'm also grateful to the person who suggested I used twitter, a kind thought but I don't know much about twitter however, he had heard about the headset covers via twitter so I now think it's marvellous.


Yesterday we had rain for the first time in a long time, I'm so glad as the water butts needed filling. 

I am including a copy of the letter I sent to HfH along with a cheque for £400.00 which has been raised so far this year through the making and selling of headset  covers, masks, etc.

A big thank you to anyone who has ordered products this year.

29th May 2020
Dear Friends,
Headsets Covers (16)

In spite of the strange times in which we live making headset covers for Air Traffic Controllers goes on. I have had several enquiries and orders over the last few months and also a request for a different pattern of headset cover. 

I keep updating the blog monthly which allows me to let people know the latest developments. I’ve also been supporting the NHS at this difficult time, making scrub bags for my local hospital and this has led to Air Traffic Controllers asking me to make masks for them. 

I had hoped that after 7 years of doing this I would have raised more money but this money does take my total to £2900.00 and I will continue to make headset covers and support your great charity.

I have enclosed a cheque for £400.00 and hope this will prove useful to Help for Heroes.

Please would you send either a letter or email for me to record the receipt of this letter?

Yours sincerely,

Keep safe and keep supporting HfH.  Regards, Moira
Here we are in April almost in May. In the depths of the country we have been enjoying good weather for some time now. The greenhouse is full of plants growing for produce later in the season. The weeds are growing faster than the plants at present despite my weeding every day. We miss our family as many do but we are keeping busy.

April has been a quiet month for headset covers. However, someone suggested I make scrubs for NHS staff (they did not know me well for no one would wear any clothes I made)! I decided instead to make some scrub bags for Hereford Hospital and  also a headband and bag for a friends daughter who is a physio. Photos below. I hadn't made French seams since O Levels and I still don't like them. I'm intending to make more bags and headbands to support the NHS workers.

I hope everyone who reads this stays safe wherever they are and also keeps busy, either at work or with a hobby. I'm off to collect my food delivery - from the door - thank you Mr Tesco!  

PS - the next day
Had a message from my youngest asking for masks... made 5! Thank goodness for my fabric stash which is separate from the HFH fabric.

Best Wishes, Moira